Thom TIllis reveals anti-gun positions
Dear Fellow Patriot,

My jaw hit the floor when I watched the U.S. Senate debate in North Carolina!

I'm afraid our worst fears about House Speaker Thom Tillis' views on the Second Amendment have been confirmed.

Not only does Thom Tillis have anti-gun positions, he actually shares some of them with billionaire-playboy ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

I wish it weren't true, but Tillis sat there on live TV and shamelessly declared it "irresponsible" to oppose key parts of Barack Obama's anti-gun agenda.

It's no secret.

Barack Obama and his bureaucratic cronies are hell-bent on finding and labeling as many gun owners as possible as "mentally ill".

In fact, over 175,000 of our nation's veterans have already lost their gun rights this way.

They've lost their rights -- many for life -- without due process simply because they've been diagnosed with PTSD or have sought the assistance of a family member to help fill out financial paperwork.

Tillis has refused to support restoring our veteran's gun rights!

Image: Thom Tillis' anti-gun remarks

That even puts him at odds with your other U.S. Senator, Republican Richard Burr, who is the sponsor of this pro-gun legislation.

But it gets worse.

The federal government is dishing out MILLIONS of dollars to states in order to scoop up as many private health records of residents of North Carolina like you into the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) System.

Just like Billionaire Bloomberg and President Obama, Tillis calls such gun controls "practical."

Tillis also touts his support for these anti-gun laws because they're pushed by anti-gun union-backed police lobbyists.

But the scary part is if they get their way, thousands of gun owning Americans are at risk of losing their Second Amendment rights just like our veterans did.

All under the guise of "mental health," without due process and without adjudication through a court of law.

Thom Tillis' position on this issue could lead to lifetime gun-bans on the law-abiding citizens who are affected

Now, I don't think you're crazy.

But to the radical anti-gunners like Bloomberg, you are crazy just because you support the Second Amendment.

And they'd love nothing more than to dig-up something in your past to use against you.

The National Institute for Health conducted a study finding that nearly half of all Americans would face a mental health issue at some point in their lifetime.

And if it happens to you -- no matter how brief or minor -- Thom Tillis would let your gun rights go up in smoke.

Unfortunately, Bloomberg already successfully peddled this exact type of legislation to Speaker Thom Tillis and other weak-kneed Republicans in your state legislature last year.

In my last letter to you, I warned you that Speaker Tillis stood idly by while the State House gutted the repeal of the draconian permit-to-purchase out of House Bill 937.

But even though Tillis helped strip this crucial pro-gun reform out of the bill, somehow Bloomberg's anti-gun language stayed in.

Yes,we're talking about a massive expansion of North Carolina's reporting to NICS, hidden in the very same supposedly "pro-gun" bill.

Now, thanks to Thom Tillis' failed leadership, more law abiding North Carolinians will have their names placed on  disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder's no-guns list.

And that couldn't make Barack Obama happier.

It's nothing short of a minor miracle that anything of substance for gun owners passed at all in Raleigh last year.

But even passing restaurant carry was something Thom Tillis had a long history of resisting, saying guns in Applebees "scares people."

Thankfully, NAGR members and supporters like you successfully prevented lawmakers from gutting restaurant carry out of the bill, notwithstanding Tillis' past.

Image: Greg Brannon's pro-gun statements

After this debate, the contrast between Tillis and pro-gun Republican Greg Brannon should be evident to every gun owner in North Carolina.

While Tillis trashed Brannon for his pro-gun positions, Greg Brannon remained firm in front of a live state-wide audience pledging an unwavering commitment to your gun rights.

Greg Brannon demonstrated he has the backbone needed to stand up to Michael Bloomberg's most carefully written federal anti-gun schemes, and all of Barack Obama's anti-gun agenda.

I know I don't need to tell you how high the stakes are in Congress right now.

With the looming threat of "mental health" schemes, expanded background checks (aka gun registration), Dianne Feinstein's "assault weapon" ban, and the U.N. "Small Arms Treaty", lawmakers will face more crucial tests.

The only question is who will have the upper hand . . .

Anti-gun senators like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein or the pro-gun heroes like Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul?

Quite frankly, the only thing more helpful to Senator Reid than a radical anti-gun Democrat, like Kay Hagen, is Republicans he can "work with" to pass Obama's anti-gun agenda.

That's why when Harry Reid gets word of what happened at this debate, you'll bet he'll be doing cartwheels.

And so will political hacks, like Karl Rove, who've long supported the anti-gun agendas of squishy Republicans like Thom Tillis.

If this makes you as mad as it makes me, I hope you'll take action and let Thom Tillis know exactly how you feel right now.

Please contact Thom Tillis and urge him to apologize for back-stabbing gun owners and supporting the same anti-gun positions as the billionaire New York anti-gun lobbyist, Michael Bloomberg

Please don't wait.

Time is running out.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

P.S. If you watched tonight's debate in North Carolina you might be as fuming mad as I am right now.

If not, you should be.

Republican candidate Thom Tillis shamelessly declared it "irresponsible" to oppose key parts of Barack Obama's anti-gun agenda.

Turns out, Tillis shares certain anti-gun positions with billionaire-playboy ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Please contact Thom Tillis and insist he abandon those anti-gun positions right away. Time is running out.

And, if you can afford to, please also consider chipping-in $15 or $20 to NAGR using the form below so we can reach as many liberty-loving gun owners in North Carolina as possible.


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