Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

The ATF has their anti-gun sights set on your SHOTGUN.

The ATF’s ridiculously anti-gun study suggests that certain, and in many cases very random, criteria would make a shotgun unable to be imported. Those random criteria include:

• Folding, telescoping or collapsible stocks;
• Bayonet lugs;
• Flash suppressors;
• Magazines over 5 rounds, or a drum magazine;
• Integrated rail systems;
• Light enhancing devices;
Excessive weight (greater than 10 pounds for a 12 gauge);
Excessive bulk;
• Forward pistol grip.

They have opened up a comment period – open until April 30 – by which the general public can voice their opinions on this “study.”

I need you to make your voice heard loud and clear!

You can click here to send them an e-mail.

Or you can sign the fax below which tells the ATF to keep their hands off your shotgun and to ditch their anti-gun study.

In Liberty,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

"Keep your hands off my shotgun!" Action Fax
RE: Shotgun Ban

        Your Study on the Importability of Certain Shotguns is nothing short of an assault on the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

       The implication of certain shotguns being more dangerous than others simply because one may have a light or be “excessively heavy” is ludicrous and shows a blatant lack of knowledge regarding home defense shotguns.

       Furthermore, attempting to redefine what constitutes a “sporting purpose” shotgun shows a willful disregard for both shooting sports in general and, specifically, the individual gun owner.

       I hereby sign my name to the list of those who wish for you to stop encroaching on the rights of gun owners and twisting the laws as you see fit.

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