Dear NAGR supporter,

Instead of controlling our borders, the politicians want to control you and me.

They want to give amnesty to illegal immigrants and make us prove we’re not criminals!

And they plan to do that by ramming through another Biometric National ID card scheme!

That’s why it’s vital you sign the petition below to your Congressman and Senators IMMEDIATELY.

But after you sign the petition I hope you'll chip in just $5 or $10 to help us spread this message.

In liberty,

Dudley Brown

To my U.S. Congressman and Senators:

Whereas:        Senators Lindsey Graham’s and Chuck Schumer’s illegal immigrant amnesty proposal backed by President Obama includes provisions requiring all American citizens to obtain a Federal Biometric ID card in order to work in the United States legally; and

Whereas:        This card could include untold amounts of personal information (like gun ownership) and biometric tracking technology that would allow government bureaucrats to track our every move: and,

Whereas:        ID’s are required to purchase firearms, the new Federal Biometric ID mandate will almost certainly be used to create a national gun registry; and,

Whereas:        A Federal Biometric ID puts all liberty activists in danger of politically-motivated airplane and other travel restrictions and increases the likelihood of American citizens’ personal information falling into the wrong hands;

Therefore:      I urge you oppose any legislation that includes provisions for a new mandated Biometric ID card for American citizens.

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