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National Foundation for Gun Rights Wins
Self-Defense Battle in Colorado Supreme Court!

Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

       In conjunction with our state-level ally, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, the newly founded National Foundation for Gun Rights successfully overturned the college campus gun ban in the Colorado Supreme Court.

       One of NFGR's primary goals is to defend the right to self-defense, nationwide. That's exactly what we've done with this victory over "criminal safe-zones" on Colorado college campuses, where only criminals were armed.

       But there are literally hundreds more cases just like this one all over the country where people are being denied their Second Amendment rights.

      Anti-gun politicians and bureaucrats are thumbing their nose at the law!

      Would you help us defend the Second Amendment in court? Every dollar you give to the National Foundation for Gun Rights is completely tax-deductible!

      Without your help, the anti-gun crowd will continue trampling the Second Amendment.

      Please chip in $10 or $20 today to stop the anti-gun crowd in court!

       For Freedom,

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       Dudley Brown
       Executive Director

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