Dear Fellow Patriot,

Gun-grabbers believe their chances to RAM gun control into law during the Obama presidency could slip away after these next few months.

That means you and I have to be ready for ANYTHING.

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For Freedom,
Dudley Brown, Executive Director, National Association for Gun Rights
Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President
National Association for Gun Rights

2014 NAGR Executive Summary

If you agree we should be fighting the gun-grabbers in each of these areas, please sign your 2014 NAGR Executive Summary below.


The gun-grabbers believe this could be their last chance to ram gun control into law. So they're doubling down on efforts to pass a slew of gun control bills through Congress, including universal or expanded "background check" (NATIONAL GUN REGISTRATION) legislation.


The United Nations just recently put the finishing touches on a new "Small Arms Treaty," and it looks like you and I are headed straight for a U.S. Senate showdown over ratification. NAGR is planning an all-out mobilization campaign to stop this Treaty dead in its tracks.


If the gun-grabbers don't pay a price at the polls in November 2014, it will only embolden them to try and RAM through more gun controls schemes in the future. That's why NAGR must do everything possible to expose anti-gun politicians.
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