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Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

       Please watch this important video about Newt Gingrich’s past support of gun control.

       Please take a moment to call Newt Gingrich’s national campaign office today at (678) 973-2306 and ask them what it is that Newt is hiding.

       Tell Newt Gingrich that you could never trust a candidate that refuses to answer a simple gun rights survey – especially with his anti-gun record so well known.

       Your calls today are vital to our freedom tomorrow.

       In liberty,

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       Dudley Brown

       P.S. Could you chip-in $15 or $20 to help the National Association for
       Gun Rights keep turning the heat up on Newt Gingrich and other
       anti-gun Republicans?

       Please fill out the donation form below and help us hold Newt

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