Dear Fellow Patriot:

Michael Bloomberg is leading the anti-gun charge this election season by spending at least $15 million on TV ads, direct mail and online advertisng designed to elect scores of anti-gun politicians nationwide.

Once Bloomberg's pet politicians are safely in office, they'll do his anti-gun dirty work at the federal, state and city levels to . . .

. . . register handguns, label gun owners as terrorists, profile gun owners and outlaw self-defense in areas like your city parks and numerous other public places.

Complete your Gun Rights Survey to prove that America opposes Bloomberg's monstrous anti-gun machine!

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown

Gun Rights Survey

1.    Do you support the right of law-abiding people to carry handguns to defend themselves and their loved ones from violent criminal attack?

2.   Do you oppose so-called “gun free” zones, which give armed criminals a monopoly on force but leave the law-abiding disarmed and defenseless?

3.   Do you oppose the efforts of Mayors Against Guns and the League of Cities to create a nationwide network of “gun free” zones, or profile gun owners like sex offenders in a “gun offender registry?”

4.   Do you oppose the efforts of Mayors Against Guns and the League of Cities to shut down gun shows, crack down on other legal gun sales, register handguns, or ban semi-automatic firearms?

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The National Association for Gun Rights is dedicated to protecting your Second Amendment rights.  We will never stop fighting the constant onslaught of anti-gun legislation from Sarah Brady's cronies in Congress, but overcoming such a well-financed enemy is a difficult battle.  

Only with the financial support of grassroots gun owners can help Nation Association for Gun Rights prevail in the fight to fight for your rights.  Please make a generous contribution.

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