Dear Fellow Patriot,

If Senator Dianne Feinstein’s new so-called "Assault Weapons Ban" is passed and signed into law, it will be the effective END of the Second Amendment in America.

She's targeting EVERYTHING -- magazines, rifles, shotguns and even handguns.

STOP her attack on our gun rights by signing your petition to STOP Feinstein's Second Amendment Assault!

For freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

Petition to My Congressman and Senators:
STOP Feinstein's Second Amendment Assault!

Whereas:     Dianne Feinstein is doing everything she can to use the tragedy in Connecticut as an excuse to force gun control on the American people; and

Whereas:     By definition, criminals don’t obey laws and new gun control laws make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families; and

Whereas:     The Second Amendment clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Whereas:     Second Amendment supporters like myself strongly oppose – and will be paying close attention to any Member of Congress who votes for – new unconstitutional gun control schemes;

Therefore:   As your constituent, I DEMAND you oppose any and all new gun control schemes.

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The National Association for Gun Rights is dedicated to protecting your Second Amendment rights.  We will never stop fighting the constant onslaught of anti-gun legislation from Sarah Brady's cronies in Congress, but overcoming such a well-financed enemy is a difficult battle.

Only with the financial support of grassroots gun owners can the National Association for Gun Rights prevail in the fight for your rights.  Please make a generous contribution.

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