Dear Dudley,

Thank you for alerting me to this assault on my freedom!

I am grateful that the National Association for Gun Rights is standing up for my right to keep and bear arms, and I will join you in this critical fight.

Because stopping this totalitarian gun-grab will require an flood of grassroots outrage, I will immediately fill out the petition below to Congress in defense of my Second Amendment rights.

To my Member of Congress and United States Senators:

Whereas:        Dictators, tyrants and despots across history have used firearms registration as the first step toward gun confiscation and citizen disarmament; and,

Whereas:        The Constitution of the United States of America protects the people's right to keep and bear arms; and,

Whereas:        Requiring law-abiding citizens to pass a written examination, release medical records, submit to a two-day waiting period and pay of fee of $25 to own a firearm violates that right; and

Whereas:        The provisions of H.R. 45 would establish a national gun registry, representing a first step toward citizen disarmament;

Therefore:      I encourage you to oppose H.R. 45, and will use this vote as a barometer of your support of gun owners in the next election.

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The National Association for Gun Rights is dedicated to protecting your Second Amendment rights.  We will never stop fighting the constant onslaught of anti-gun legislation from Sarah Brady's cronies in Congress, but overcoming such a well-financed enemy is a difficult battle.  

Only with the financial support of grassroots gun owners can help Nation Association for Gun Rights prevail in the fight to fight for your rights.  Please make a generous contribution.

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