Dear Dr. Broun,

Thank you for alerting me to this assault on my freedom!

I stand firmly with the National Association for Gun Rights in opposition to this gross violation of our Constitutional Rights!

Since stopping this totalitarian gun-grab will require a flood of grassroots outrage, I will immediately complete the official NAGR H.R. 45 survey below, putting me on the record FOR the Second Amendment and AGAINST Barack Obama's Gun Control Package.

Official NAGR Gun Rights Survey

1.     Do you believe the gun registration and prohibition measures proposed by H.R. 45 violate the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding United States citizens?

2.     Do you believe dictators, tyrants and despots throughout history have used firearms registration as the first step toward gun confiscation and citizen disarmament?

3.     Do you believe forcing law-abiding citizens to pass a written examination, submit to a two-day waiting period, release medical and mental records to the government, and pay of fee of $25 to own a firearm infringes on America's most basic freedoms?

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The National Association for Gun Rights is dedicated to protecting your Second Amendment rights.  We will never stop fighting the constant onslaught of anti-gun legislation from Sarah Brady's cronies in Congress, but overcoming such a well-financed enemy is a difficult battle.  

Only with the financial support of grassroots gun owners can help Nation Association for Gun Rights prevail in the fight to fight for your rights.  Please make a generous contribution.

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